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Silarious L14PS

Silarious L14PS

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Silarious HD Portable Doppler Ultrasound Scanner:

  • Small and Compact size, easy to carry
  • Wireless type without probe cable, working freely
  • Wireless charging, fast charging
  • Waterproof design, convenient for sterilisation
  • Remote diagnosis convenience, capable of images transfer to doctors

Technical Specifications:

  • Extended Battery Life: A powerful 4200 mAh battery allows for over 3 hours of active scanning and over 12 hours on standby.
  • Precision Imaging: With 192 elements, the device delivers high-resolution images for meticulous aesthetic evaluations.
  • Custom Footprint: L25 footprint for targeted scanning in aesthetic applications.
  • Optimal Ergonomics: At 158(h)x70(w)x30(d) mm, it is intuitively designed for hand-held use.
  • Ultra-Lightweight: Weighing in at just 212 grams ensures comfort even during lengthy procedures.

Diverse Diagnostic Modes:

  • Clear B mode: Fundamental for routine imaging needs in aesthetic medicine.
  • Combined B+M mode: Offers a dynamic perspective by capturing static structure and motion.
  • PW Doppler Mode: Essential for assessing vascular flow, especially crucial before procedures like filler injections.
  • Colour Doppler: Enhances the visualization of blood flow, aiding in the prevention of vascular complications.
  • Power Doppler: Delivers susceptible blood flow detection, adding an extra layer of safety to aesthetic interventions.
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